Mini-Gym Birthday Parties

Are you in quest of thrilling and distinctive birthday party concepts in Winnipeg, ensuring that your child and their friends create enduring memories? Your search ends here! Kid City isn’t just the go-to indoor play hub for kids; it’s also the ideal place to organize an exciting and stress-free birthday bash.

Mini-Gym Party Room

Kid City is excited to host your child’s next birthday party! Our Mini-Gym is the perfect space to host parties for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children. 

This space is a sensory friendly environment equipped with ball pit, hammock pod swing, climbing wall, crawl through tunnel, wall mirrors, ride on toys, and more! It also has soft padded mats to provide for soft landings during play.

Attached to our Mini-Gym is a private lounge with 2 rectangle tables for adult seating and 2 additional child sized tables. The perfect space to decorate for your child’s party. The gym seats 16 adults and 10 children. It is has a cute wet bar for displaying your snacks, food and birthday cake. 

Please note this is located on the 2nd floor of Kid City and accessible by a flight of stairs.

Classic Party Room Experience

A little different from our mini-gym party room are our classic party rooms. Looking for a timeless and cozy party room for your child’s celebration? Our well-appointed party rooms provide the perfect setting for a memorable birthday experience.

Silver + Mini-Gym Party Package

Unlimited Play
Private Party Room Time60 minutes
Mini-Gym Time60 minutes
Number of Children Including Birthday Child8
Additional Children$12.50
Number of AdultsUnlimited
16" Cheese Pizza2
2 Litre of Pop or 1 Litre of Apple Juice2
Kid City Party Electronic Invitations
Plates, Cutlery, Napkins, & Straws
Set Up & Clean Up
Party Host
Bowls of Popcorn
Goodie Bags$3.95/child

*prices plus applicable tax

Booking Your Birthday Party

  • Booking birthday parties at Kid City is easy, but it’s essential to plan for the best availability. Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we recommend securing your spot as early as possible
  • To reserve your party, a $50 deposit is required. Please note:

    • The deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable.
    • The deposit is credited towards the party package.
    • For our Platinum package, a $100 deposit is required, and downgrading from the platinum package is not permitted.

* Important Party Note: Please No Outside Food or Drink! *

We kindly request that you refrain from bringing outside food or drink to the party, with the exception of a birthday dessert when you reserve your party. Rest assured that your dessert will be stored at room temperature and served as a sweet highlight of the celebration.

* Don’t forget your socks! *

Lastly, please remind your guests to wear socks when visiting Kid City to ensure a safe and comfortable play experience for everyone.

Ready to create lasting birthday memories with Kid City? Contact us today to book your child’s birthday party and discover why Kid City is one of the best Winnipeg birthday party ideas around!


Can I reschedule my party or cancel after booking?

Kid City understands that plans change. We provide families with the ability to reschedule their party ONCE in the event that the original booking time or date needs to be modified. In the event a party is cancelled the deposit is non-refundable.

Can I modify my party package after booking?

Yes. Families are able to add on additional party children in the event the party grows (Silver package $12.50/child, Gold/Platinum package $15.50/child). We also can add on extra food or drink. We ask families to email us at [email protected] prior to their party date to update their party needs. Familes are allowed to upgrade their party packages from Silver to Gold/Platinum but we do not permit downgrading.

Where can I access the Kid City Party Invitations?

Kid City party invitations are available online at: Families can download, print and then send them out to their guests.

Are the party rooms pre-decorated? Can I bring decorations?

Kid City party rooms are decorated with paper balloons, a happy birthday banner and our interactive birthday chalk board. Families are welcome to bring decorations such as balloons, banners and backdrops. We provide tape for use and have hooks to assist with decorating our party rooms. Additional time is not available for families to decorate prior to their party room time.

How much time do I have in the party room?

Kid City parties are booked in 90 minute SLOTS to provide staff time to clean between parties. Silver party packages have the room for 60 minutes and Gold/Platinum party packages have the room for 90 minutes. Silver parties will have the party room for the first 60 minutes of the slot. Ex. If you book 12:00-1:30 SLOT then you have access to our party room from 12:00-1:00pm.

How is a party run? When do we get served our food?

Kid City organizes your party so that you are able to enjoy all the fun birthday activities during your party room time. We recommend the following schedules:

Ex. 10:30AM-12:00PM Slot.

Silver (60 min)
Gold/Platinum (90min)
Arrive to play
Arrive to play
Enter party room
Enter party room
Food/Beverage Delivery
Food/Beverage Delivery
Party room time over.
Payment requested.
Play time unlimted!
Party room time over.
Payment requested.
Play time unlimted!

*We serve food 5-10 minutes after you enter the room. Room 1/2 are on a schedule and recieve food 15 minutes after your enter the room. Rooms 3/4 are on a schedule and recieve food 5 minutes after you enter the room. The schedule allows for prompt delivery of freshly cooked food.

How much time do I have at Kid City?

Your time at Kid City is unlimied! We encourage guests to come 30min prior to their party room start time and families are welcome to stay for unlimited play time after their party room time is over.

Is the Birthday child included in the party admission total?

Yes. Example: For a silver party package covers 8 children including the birthday child. Childen under 1 are free. All adults are free.

What items are included in the party package?

Kid City provides white plastic cutlery, paper plates, paper cups and napkins for use of all party guests. Families are welcome to bring themed plates and cups. We also provide a lighter, cake knife and serving ware.

What do families need to bring?

All children and adults are required to wear socks in our indoor playground.

Can I bring outside food or drink?

Kid City permits families to bring a party dessert (cake/cupcakes) that can be stored at room temperature. No other food or drink is allowed in the facility. We have a full service café on site and can provide additional food for your party including fruit/veggie trays, extra pizzas, snacks and drinks. If you come before your party room time, our friendly party hosts will store your dessert while your children play.

My child has a food intolerance. Can I bring gluten-free food?

Kid City does not currently have gluten or dairy free pizza options. In the event your child or a guest has a food intolerance. Kid City permits you to bring 1 gluten-free or daily-free pizza. Please inform Kid City about the intolerance when you book your party.

What is included in the goodie bags?

Kid City goodie bags include sensory friendly fidget toys for children of all ages including a rubber bouncy ball, pull back car, pop tube, zipper clip, sticky hand and Kid City stickers or tattoos. Goodie bags are included in Gold/Platinum packages. For Silver packages you can add on goodie bags at $3.95/bag (+tax).

Can we come early to play? Do we have to leave after the party room time is over?

We encourage all families to come 30 minutes prior to their party room time to let the children play and work up an apetite. After your party room time has ended your welcome to stay and play as long as you’d like. Playtime is unlimited. Please note that our facility may open late or close early due to private event rentals. In the event your party is affected by a private event you will recieve an email or call informing you of the change in public open hours.