Food Menu

Please No Outside Food or Drink

Cheese Pizza (16")$17.86Chocolate Bar$1.34Bottle of Pop$2.46
Pepperoni Pizza (16")$19.64Cheese String$1.34Can of Pop$1.34
Slice of Pizza $3.57Rice Krispie Treat$1.34Juice$1.56
Chicken Fingers (3)$4.91Cookies$1.79Water$2.23
Crispy Chicken Bun$4.91Fruit Cup $1.34Coffee/Tea$1.79
Hot Dogs$3.35Yogurt$1.34Hot Chocolate$1.79
Grilled Cheese$3.35Pudding$1.34Cafe Mocha$1.79
Small Veggie Tray$5.36Banana$1.34Small Slushie$2.46
Large Veggie Tray$17.86Chips$1.34Large Slushie$3.13
Small Fruit Tray$5.36Nutri-Grain Bar$1.34
Large Fruit Tray$17.86Jumbo Muffin$2.23
Crackers & Cheese$1.34Apple Sauce$1.34
Bowl of Chips$4.91Fruitsation Gummies$0.89
Toast (2 Slices)$1.79Apple or Apple Slices$1.34
Pickle$1.12Bowl of Popcorn$4.91
Small Cheese, Pickles,
& Crackers Tray
Large Cheese, Pickles,
& Crackers Tray